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Step Up 4 Revolution
I went to a new mall in Jakarta, Kota Kasablanka with my sister&brother on 21st of August to watch this movie and to buy DUA GALON AKUA AGAR KELUARGA GUE BISA MINUM karena alfffam4rt dan indddom4ret keabisan stok setelah diborong orang-orang yang mau mudik, iya emang kesel. Alhasil jadilah kita (lebih tepatnya mereka berdua) gotong-gotong galon akua keliling mall biar dituker sama yang baru. Gue cuman cekikikan-cekikikan ae sambil foto-fotoin. Kalo ada yang nanya, ‘Dek, mereka kenapa?’ pasti gue jawab, ‘Biarkan mereka berekspresi.’ Sayangnya nggak ada yang nanya. (lalu antiklimaks.) The mall itself is indescribably huge! There weren’t a lot of stores when I came but Topshop has already opened there, wuu… And Cha Time too!

I’m a perfectionist…when it comes to movie.

So when I was watching it I can’t help but to judge and judge (in my mind ofc) and I often spotted mistakes on that movie, such as (warning: contains spoilers) when they’re performing at the museum of arts or whatever it is, at the dancing brown camouflage statue part you can see the same old lady who’s standing in different places. (simply means they cut some scenes /splitting them/, let’s hope there are deleted scenes of that dance bec imo that part is the most amazing out of all). Also the first part when they were doing the breakdance in front of those hydraulic cars, some moves are the same (I think they were ControlC+ControlV ing that part), CMIIW guys.

But afterall it’s Step Up. As we all know, Step Up movies stand out because of the amazing choreographies, not the storyline. Step Up movies tho always have same plots (The main character is doing a good job and meet the other main character and they are getting along - Problem comes, they are breaking up, the main characters are down - They reunited, together they solve the problem, the end.) PLUS TO BE VERY HONEST the actors and actresses are suck when it comes to act. Don’t hate me. But the reason why they were chosen to be in this movie, it’s because they dance. And when it comes to dance, oh gurl I can’t explain what I feel. I LOST MY MIIIND~ loh kok jadi nyanyi lagu EXO. Step Up’s soundtracks are the best too Oh my God I can’t tell how much I love Step Up movies. GUYS I’M A BIG FAN!!! YOOHOO!!! If you haven’t seen them, I recommend demand you to watch Step Up now. NOW.